Betsy Barnum Digging, exhibited in 2009





Overgrowth is a new and ongoing artistic collaboration between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral designer Riley Messina

Inspired by a pursuit of beauty, Riley combines classically thoughtful botanical designs with Parker’s carefully considered film images in an expression of the multifaceted relationship between humankind and nature. The two artists contrast anonymous portraiture with sweeping landscapes in an attempt to capture both the malleable and untamed aspects of the natural world.

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John Foster - Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table (2012)

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Damn, girls with leg tattoos sure take a lot of bubble baths

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Picasso’s Lithographs

1. Studies (1934-61)

2. Verve (1954)

3. La Rentrée du Taureau; Deux Petits Taureaux; & Scènes de Corrida (1945)

4. Portrait of Jacqueline (1956)

5. Woman Sitting in Armchair and Seated Naked Woman (1963)

6. Painter Working (1963)

7. Don Quixuote Series (1968)

8. Death in the Sun (1933)

9. Sable Mouvant Portfolio (1966)

10. Untitled (1962)